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I found connection to the world through the lens. A lots of time I capture those real moments while adding my own personal touch, to bring out the result of expressive, elegantly raw and polished photos; that grasp subtleties. My approach: to bring an artistic perspective that unionises candid documentary style with an effortless editorial lens. 



Ten Years Ago...

I photographed a wedding's Behind The Scenes, as an assistant for a wedding planner. I enjoyed capturing those little details, and lots of candid moments. Yet I didn't started as a full time photographer but a second shooter as my side hustle. Got married and had two boys then studied as an interior decorator.

I have always been artistic and loved drawings since high school age so it felt natural to apply these skill in photography. I started my own brand on 2016 until now, I photographed many weddings and many happy little smiles of families. 

These Days...

I photograph weddings, family sessions, corporate events and brandings. Being a wedding photographer and also helping to preserve lots of great memories has given me an in depth knowledge of photography businesses, the industry and market.

What other languages I Speak...

Mandarin, Cantones & Teochew Dialect.

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